JC Bouckenborgh

We konden het toch niet laten. Op 9 september staan we met enkele fantastische bands in het Bouckenborgh om jullie toch een klein AMF-gevoel te geven.

Kom dus af en dance your asses off!

Doors: 18u00

Damage: vvk € 12 + servicekost  – Adk € 18




The development of veteran bands follows established patterns. Some become complacent and happy to release a regular string of barely inspired albums. Others take their time and with no need to prove anything wait until the time is ripe to hammer out another crusher that demonstrates their hard-won maturity much to the delight of their following. LENG TCH’E fall into the latter category.


Hauling from Merksem (Antwerp), Fatal Move started out in 2009 and was immediatly known for its hard-hitting hardcore and passionate vocals from the very beginning. 

Lyrically covering all that concerns and worries them and their peers, their high energy on stage performances gained them a notorious status in no time. One thing’s for certain: Fatal Move is out to leave their mark on the local and international scene and they won’t stop ‘till they’ve won over every last one of your souls!


Time flies, friends passed away. That in mind, and the fact that dreams never die…sometimes they fade, ok they do. Well, if they say everything happens for a reason, let’s give you a reason: after 23 years we’ve picked up things, kind of where we left them.

A good timeframe, the right spirit. A bunch of old friends rocking the boat playing them old songs (and some new stuff), in honor of our fallen hardcore brothers. It’s all about the hardcore! It’s all about the spirit! It’s all about the friends! This is our hardcore! This is Eightball AC !!!!


Slaughter The Giant ready to release their debut album “Depravity” in October 2022

A melodic intense Death Metal attack not hear before from Belgian soil.
Slaughter The Giant was formed in 2018 and released their 5-track debut EP “Asylum of the Damned” in 2019 and it received good reviews worldwide.

2022 marks a new post-Covid start with the release of their first full-length album entitled “Depravity”, on Hammerheart Records. Slaughter the Giant performs intense melodic Death Metal that will appeal to fans of The Black Dahlia Murder and At The Gates. Hammerheart Records heard the album and was convinced of its quality and a deal was made.


“Depravity” is a giant leap when compared to their EP, and acts on a whole different level. The brutality and melodic side have been pushed to new boundaries, while not losing the “good song” idea as a first must. The influences are still heard, but are now just that; influences.

In the track “Co-Ed Butcher” we find a kind of Obscura-esque approch that clashes into Flesh God Apocalypse alike symphony sounds, and album highlight “The Undead” is not a single and video without a reason, featuring excellent solo work on the guitar. The over all level is high and consistent throughout the album, and makes one replay after finishing.